Five tips before you dive in to digital

State of your website

When was the last time you spent time on your own website evaluating it, and assessing its current role to clients/customers? If you haven’t done this recently, do this first. Is it up to date? Is the information current? How does it make you feel? Is that the feel you still want for your business? Is it responsive? Can you open and use it on a mobile device? Does it look good? Are you happy with it? Does it have a flow? Your website are where people go to first. If you are doing any other type of marketing like traditional media, networking, events, etc., people are going to go to your website before they walk into your brick and mortar, and it’s also your portal for online sales. Eight out ten shoppers research online before they walk in and buy something offline. It’s very important that your website be where you need it to be to maximize your impact.

Social media

What is your social media strategy? Do you have one social media platform, or do you have several that you manage and can be located on? If you have many, how well integrated are they? Were they set up at different times and/or by different members of your company? Successful cross-platform social media strategies must ensure that the information across all of these sites is congruent and sending the same message. All of your social media and directory sites should have accurate and up to date information. Go to Enter the information they prompt you to enter and see what your current on-line score is, and see what you can do now, and for FREE to improve through these sites. This will help you figure out what you need to do to have a better presence and look better online

Work with someone you trust

Find somebody you trust, a website designer, and marketing consultant, for example, that are knowledgeable in the digital space. For example, do they know and understand Google AdWords, social media paid marketing, search advertising versus display? Find someone you trust that can help you navigate digital opportunities until you feel more comfortable. There are many options, and just like any other media, they are not all right for your business. There are a lot of ways to reach your goals, so enlist someone that can you help you navigate the various options.

Continual evaluation

Continue to evaluate your entire marketing mix so that you’re maximizing your impressions. While digital is a place you should have a presence and start understanding how you can be successful in this medium, it should not be at the expense of what you are currently doing, or opportunities that may work in the future. While it’s another way to reach potential and current customers at the right time with the right message, it’s not going to necessarily have the biggest impact as a stand-alone medium. As I referenced in point number 1, your other media is driving people online to seek you out. I would argue that most big successful on-line businesses became successful because of their overall marketing mix and would not be where they are today without the traditional media. For example, uses TV and Radio heavily,, uses TV. Many of the biggest websites out there used traditional media to build their brand. Online alone is not going to be reach the broadest audience. Think about it this way, if you run a radio campaign or TV campaign what happens? Those ads typically drive people to your website first. That is how your marketing mix works. Good web presence, better response, better engagement, better conversion when you are doing other media. It makes all of your dollars spent more efficient.

Make a plan

Digital marketing is all about the relevance of what’s going on and your promotional targeting messages. Come up with a calendar (or ask us to) of what messages you want your clients/customers to hear and see, and when those would need to be released. That way you do not miss any opportunities. One great feature of digital is you can reach people at home, at work, and on the go. Maximize that potential by planning ahead.