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Complete the form below to sign up for a no-obligation educational digital presentation by the IRG interactive team.  This presentation will feature ways to ensure you are covering the basics and give you some insight into the next steps you can take with your digital marketing strategy.

  • website best practices
  • social media platforms and how they are best used
  • email marketing and the power of owning your database
  • using engagement to drive leads
  • how search engines work and the simple things you can do to improve your SEO and local listings
  • outreach campaigns – different targeting methods and how they can best be used to help you build your business

We won’t ask you to buy anything. We simply want to educate you about your options.


IRG Interactive Digital

Understanding digital in today's market can seem overwhelming at times. Our digital experts can meet with you to discuss your current digital strategy as well as determine if changes need to be made. Our tactics range from keyword searches to serving OTT/CTV to specific address that meet your specific demographic needs.