What’s Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Without a doubt, IRG Interactive is your leader in digital advertising. With pinpoint accuracy, we dig deep to locate customers for you in your market, the Midwest, or anywhere across the globe online. Building your campaign is easy. We’re experts and do all the work for you. Our team of fanatical campaign managers watch and adjust your campaign in real time so your ad only appears where it works best.

Don’t dabble when it comes to your digital footprint. Get real, transparent results with a campaign designed specifically for your business.

Targeted Display
We dig deep to understand your business & find your customers online. We’ll develop a custom strategy that is comprehensive and results-based that is optimized daily to ensure we’re leveraging the methods that are working best for your campaign. Keyword targeting, behavioral targeting, geofencing, mobile conquesting, IP targeting, native ads, retargeting, geo retargeting, and more. Don’t know what those mean? You don’t need to. Our experts do, and based on your goals, they will choose the methods that will work best for your business.

Radio Digital Marketing
Leverage our network of radio station websites, email clubs, and text clubs to reach the audiences of our seven radio stations. We have the assets powered by amazing radio stations & DJ’s interacting online every day. Put our assets to work for you.

Engagement Campaigns
Utilize our exclusive online engagement campaign platform to generate leads, grow your email database, engage your social following, interact with potential customers and collect data. Using polls, ballots, quizzes, sweepstakes, photo/video submission contests, bracket contests, and other content-driven contests, we can develop a strategy to enhance your online/social media presence.

More Digital Options
A digital marketing plan is made of 3 things: Owned Media, Earned Media & Paid Media. Every digital consultation starts by analyzing your digital footprint against this structure. We’ll make sure you have a sound digital marketing plan to build on & figure out the best entry point for your brand’s digital marketing plan. Additional services include social media advertising, PPC, consulting and training, and custom websites to expand your digital reach.

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IRG Interactive Digital

Understanding digital in today's market can seem overwhelming at times. Our digital experts can meet with you to discuss your current digital strategy as well as determine if changes need to be made. Our tactics range from keyword searches to serving OTT/CTV to specific address that meet your specific demographic needs.